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开头:hello! my dear friends! first, let me introduce myself to you. my name is wu dongxiang and my friend usually call me kina. i'm a 20-year-old girl who comes from guilin guangxi china. it’s known to all,guilin is a beautiful city in china. have you ever been to guilin? if the answer is no, don't warry about it. please come on, i am very glad to be you guide .welcome to our city!

结尾:i have a lot of hobbies. in my spare time, i often go sightseeing, play badminton and go out running. sometimes go shopping or stay at home. i also like reading and planting flowers. do you have the same hobby with me?if you want to talk with me, please send me an e-mail.my e -mail :i 'm looking forward to seeing you! 英语演讲稿中学生


开头:ladies and gentlemen: good morning! today, the title of my speech is a lesson from nature. around us , there are plants, animals and many other things. we live in nature, so to keep the balance of nature is very important for us. but today, too many trees are still being cut down in many countries and flood all over the world are getting more and more serious, a lot of land has gone with them. this is a lesson from nature.

结尾:the number of trees, deer, tigers, wild flowers and plants has changed much—less and less. we need to do more to keep the balance of nature. thank you! 关于中学生英语即兴演讲稿


开头:in this glorious summer, we will say goodbye! who have experienced life in high school people would say, three years of high school time is very impressive, very profound. this is not only due to the tension of living under high pressure; chengshan the pile, the examination paper to fly sky; and when the results fall the tears flow and the development plan. life in the future, we will be thinking slowly, slowly tastes will appreciate the deep spiritual growth of high school three years away, will always cherish the memory of his life the first time all the hard work!

结尾:each person's lifetime can not be winners, general, it is impossible not to encounter setbacks and difficulties that, a critical moment should be to muster the courage to face the grim reality of courage. said a war hero saying: on the battlefield, even if i fall, i have looked at the front of the eyes. so today, i do not wish you every success in the future; i wish you even after the fall of 9999 times, 9999 times still stand up! 初中学生关于英语课前演讲稿


开头:ladies and gentleman,on this christmas eve,laura and i send our best wishes to families across america as you gather in your homes to celebrate the holiday.christmas is a time of joy and peace,and we hope the holiday season brings all of you happy reunions with families and friends,and time to rest and reflect as you look forward to a new year.

结尾:the times we live in have brought many challenges to our country.and at such times,the story of christmas brings special comfort and confidence.christmas reminds us that we can trust in god s promise of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.on a night more than 2,000 years ago,an angel of the lord brought good tidings of great joy:the god of heaven had come to earth,and he would be with us always. thank you for listening,and merry christmas. 中学生圣诞节英语演讲稿范文


开头:the dream came true i wanna welcome everybody here in this cheer team. thank you for coming here this morning to stand on my side cheering me on. it’s my dream to have the opportunity to challenge all the foreign athletes to the championship at this great occasion: 2023 olympic games. now, the dream came true. as an athlete of china, i’m here to win the gold medal of orienteering for our motherland.

结尾:now the dream came true. i’m standing here with all my body and my heart put in sports. so do the people from all over the world to here at the olympic games. it’s the olympic games that make us together. we are here for a big day of sport; we are here for a dream of sports. we are here for a spirit of sport that encourages us to face the difficulties of today and tomorrow.


开头:youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind it is not rosy cheeks , red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the emotions : it is the freshness it is the freshness of the deep springs of life .

结尾:i wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. i wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. i wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. i wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. i wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting. i wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. i wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye. she then began to cry and walked away. they say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them.


开头:caring for nature--overpopulation what is nature overpopulation and so on. overpopulation is the biggest source of pollution. lets take overpopulation as an example. what does overpopulation feel like

结尾:;do something to protect wild-plant and wildlife species will be declining. species and biological communities have difficulty adapting to change. economic opportunities and the quality of life of future generations are also put at risk. by protecting nature, we protect ourselves. lets unite together, hand in hand we stand all across the land. we can make this world in which to live. hand in hand. control the population growth. take good care of our nature.


开头:on new year's eve, our class had a party. the atmosphere was good. it was out of the ordinary from the very begining. the boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance. we saw a boy named li xinmin turn off all the lights in a sudden snap. then with three resounding crow of a cock echoing in the hall, the hall was again brightly lit in a snap.

结尾:then we all sang and played games until it was eleven o'clock at night. the old man on night watch came to turn off the lights. we had to tear ourselves away from the party. from this activity, i discovered that many of our classmates are really talented singers. 中学生英语演讲稿范文


开头:i believe my dream 我相信我的梦想 hello good evening everyone!my name is .... 你好晚上好大家好!我的名字是...。 i’m so happy that i can be admitted by my dreamed school. the new campus gives me a new start so i have a dream that the future me can rise out this small world and hold a place of myself, after several years’ experience .

结尾:finally , i’d like to conclude by thanking everyone who has worked so hard to make this address possible. thank you! 最后,我想最后感谢大家谁的工作都很努力,使这个地址可能的。谢谢您!


开头:2023初中学生英语演讲稿 how to improve our english (如何提高我们的英文)helloeveryone.today,i’dliketotalkabout“howtoimproveourenglish”.tobehonest,i’mreallyhappytostandhereandsaysomethingaboutlearningenglish,evenifi’monlyabeginnerofenglish.



开头:good morning ! it is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview, i hope i can make a good performance today. i'm confident that i can succeed.

结尾:i think i'm a good team player and i'm a person of great honesty to others. also i am able to work under great pressure. that’s all. thank you for giving me the chance. 中学生课堂英语演讲稿三分钟


开头:good morning,everyone! i`m very happy to have this chance to give my presentation. before i start my speech, please let me ask you a question. do you think you are confident in yourself? if you are, do please raise your hand.

结尾:friends, let's say goodbye to inferiority. let’s be a confident person. because: only if you have self-confidence, can you control yourself; only if you have confidence, can you achieve success and create your a brilliant life of your own! 中学生英语口语优秀演讲稿


开头:a man who lived in a block of apartments thought it was raining and put his head out the window to check. as he did so a glass eye fell into his hand. he looked up to see where it came from in time to see a young woman looking down.

结尾:the man hesitated then said, 'do you act like this with every man you meet?' 'no,' she replied, 'only those who catch my eye.' 中学生英语课前演讲稿3分钟


开头:中学生英语演讲稿:缘分 many things in this world find neither an answer nor a proper explanation. for example, why should two become a couple among the billions of people on earth? why don't they love each other even though they live together everyday, and yet one of them falls in love with someone else at the first sight?

结尾:in the present world, we should always follow the win-win or multi-win policy, instead of being single-handed. we might as well call the communication, the cooperation, the common concerns and the common aspirations of human beings “predestination”. judge's question: do you believe predestination in your future?


开头:distinguished leaders, young friends: hello, everyone! my name is xu rong, i have to speak on the theme 'youth dance.' the healthy growth of young people between the well-being of millions of households and the country's future development. to achieve the education goal of modernization of the proposed for educators pointed out the direction, the young workers in the first assault team should of course,adhere to people-oriented theory. ministry of education, focus attention on infrastructure, regulate all kinds of work systems of the time, we should increase the team of cadres of management and service efforts. in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the team of cadres, but also developed a complete system for quantification of grassroots work, establish and perfect a reasonable an effective incentive mechanism; in order to improve our overall quality of cadres and skills, the team held a contest to run computer applications, english spoken training courses, and organizing people to learn from advanced areas to broaden their horizons in order to understand the team of cadres working conditions in schools, the ministry of education has traveled a number of primary and secondary schools to conduct research, listen to the views of the school party and government leaders to make school leadership cadres receive attention and guidance of the ministry of education to carry out a variety of practical activities to actively lead the majority of young teachers work hard to become qualified personnel and for them to put up the cast talent stage, a single sail swaying, after numerous twists and turns arrived in port, if there is wind, a hand, and naturally smooth arrival and guide students to strive to excel, need to nazhen 'wind' - teacher. teachers should be ideological and moral education, culture education and the needs of students organically combining various activities for the students or students to carry out their own. for example: school quiz competitions, essay contests, ke benju performances and other activities to enable students to give full play to their talents. teachers rush toil, in order to that will enable students to continue to draw nutrients, to help them grow up healthily and become pillars of the country before.

结尾:i have asked myself countless times, today's so-called 'fourth' spirit or eighty years ago the '54' spirit do today, '54' or a spirit of the motherland, the people unlimited sincerity, our community and studying history for their devotion, the spirit of do change it will change over time do whatever the outcome, we, as the twenty-first century, young people, in this decade, the looking into the new century, we remember the suffering of the last century the chinese nation and the revolution difficult, we should cherish today's harvest, so-called 'a sub - hard, no gain. 'our twenty-first century, young people, but also should be a high sense of mission, responsibility, a sense of ecstasy, and the sincere work of flu, 54 inheritance of traditional spirit of the 54 sporting spirit to flourish, for the motherland's socialist presented a contribution to the building. let us burn with passion for the years up to youth dance bar! thank you!


开头:gettysburg address four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

结尾:it is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us, ----that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion, ----that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, ----that this nation, under god, shall have a new birth of freedom, ----and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. 《中学生英语演讲稿范文》出自:酷猫写作范文网


开头:i love english.as everyone knows,english is very important today.it has been used everywhere in the world.it has become the most common language on internet and for international trade. if we can speak english well,we will have more chance to succeed.because more and more people have taken notice of it,the number of the people who go to learn english has increased at a high speed.

结尾:if you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. so i believe as i love english everyday , it will love me too. i am sure that i will realize my dream one day! thank you! 20xx年关于中学生英语演讲稿


开头:i woke up and looked at my watch. oh my god, it’s 7:30 already! i have to get up at once otherwise i’ll be late. today i’ll take the australian athletes as a tour guide around beijing, and i’m going to be the interpreter at the beijing olympic games opening ceremony tomorrow. this has always been a dream of mine since beijing won the bid of the olympics, and now the dream has finally come true—i have already become a successful interpreter. and today is another important day of my interpreting career. i’m a little nervous but, of course, very excited. here goes my plan for today:

结尾:that’s all about my plan for the day. what do you think of it, my friends? today, i’m very proud to be here to give a speech about a dream, a dream for which we worked together for nine years or even more. as beijing becomes the host city of the 29th olympic games, every beijinger cares for the environment and good manners and behaviors much more than before. now beijing has already made herselves’ dream come true. so i must work harder to catch up with her steps. knowing the hardness of making a dream into reality, i need to do my best at every side of my work, so then i believe my little dream—to be an interpreter—will definitely be realized someday in the future! thank you


开头:下面小编给大家分享中学生英语演讲稿:classifying rubbish,欢迎阅读: 中学生英语演讲稿:classifying rubbish good morning, respectable judges, teachers. today, standing here makes me feel really honored and excited. the title of my speech is classifying rubbish , improving environment.

结尾:the world trusts beijing .beijing still has a lot to do to reach the level the world expects, but we have the confidence to make beijing a green city. great changes are taking place, and not far in the future, beijing will be the focus of all worlds' attention. we'll grasp the opportunity and do our best to make the sky bluer, water greener and air fresher by the year 20xx. let's all wish the best for the 20xx olympics in beijing. thanks for your listening.


开头:hello, it's a pleasure to meet you all. i am yu lin jeng. i am from shanghai ,china. this is my third trip to the united states, and i really enjoy staying here. i am working for a trading company as an assistant manager in the overseas distribution section. thank you.

结尾:hello, everybody. i am ning cai chen from beijing, i am working for an agent for a electric company in beijing. it is about five months since i came to the united states, and i miss my family very much. it'll be several months before they come here, and i hope to continue to have an enjoyable single life till then. thanks. 中学生英语自我介绍演讲稿


中学生英语演讲稿---爱the word love has many different meanings in english, from something that gives a little pleasure ('i loved that meal') to something one would die for (patriotism, pair bonding). it can describe an intense feeling of affection, an em